Ruiner Trophy List

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Unlock all the trophies in RUINER
Finish Prologue
Defeat Nerve
Defeat TrafficKing
Defeat Sisters
Finish Epilogue
Kill all Angels
Complete CATS quest
Unlock all iChing fortunes
Collect all bounties
Beat the game without dying
Achieve 15 kills combo
Use dash 9001 times
Destroy Angel core in the air
Destroy 3 Angel cores in one go
Hit 50 mines with your melee weapon
Kill 3 enemies with one explosion
Do 1003 pushups
Burn 420 enemies
Die 666 times
Acquire all abilities
Destroy all dead Hosts' piles
Kill 75 enemies with a shield ram
Reflect 100 bullets with your shield
Hack 50 enemies
Beat the game on Easy Difficulty
Beat the game on Normal Difficulty
Beat the game on Hard Difficulty

Expansion DLC

Finish Speedrun
Finish Arena:Colosseum