Rugby 18 Trophy List

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Unlock all the trophies.
Win 25 online games.
Be promoted to the top division during your career.
Win 10 games with a customized team.
Successfully kick a penalty from your own side of midfield.
Win the Top 14 league.
Win the Premiership league.
Play 10 online games.
Win an online game against a customized team with your own customized team.
Win a game at the last minute by scoring with a drop kick.
Score a try in the first five minutes of a game.
Score a try after the final siren sounds.
Score with a kick off the post during a game.
From your own end zone, kick a ball outside the 22-meter area.
During a line-out, recover the ball from the opponent's throw-in.
Recover the ball during a ruck started by the opposing team.
Hook the ball back in a scrum on an opponent's put-in.
Win the PRO D2 league.
Win an online game.
Complete all the tutorials.
Move up a division during your career.
Finish a game without getting called for a penalty.
Win a game without scoring a try.
Win an online game with a customized team.