Ruckus Rumble Trophy List

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On Onsen Bridge, get 2 opponents into the piranha-infested waters at the same time by flipping a Bridge.
On Cargo Bay, flush at least one opponent out of each Airlock with a single console activation.
On Ruckus Arena, land at least one direct hit each with Fireball, Pound, Hookshot, and Sword attack in a single match.
On Piranha Swamp, take a swim with the hungry piranhas without losing health.
On Plantation, activate all four Generators at the same time.
Have the Big Blade power-up and the Invincibility power-up active at the same time.
Skewer at least 2 opponents with a single Guard Breaker attack.
Win a match without ever hitting an opponent with the Sword.
Eliminate 3 opponents in less than 30 seconds using your Sword.
Eliminate the last opponent in a match with a Combo finish.
Travel a long distance with the Hookshot.
Block 3 Fireballs with your Shield.