Ruckus Rumble Trophy List

Over Troubled Water Over Troubled Water
On Onsen Bridge, get 2 opponents into the piranha-infested waters at the same time by flipping a Bridge.
So Long, Suckers! So Long, Suckers!
On Cargo Bay, flush at least one opponent out of each Airlock with a single console activation.
Multi-Tasker Multi-Tasker
On Ruckus Arena, land at least one direct hit each with Fireball, Pound, Hookshot, and Sword attack in a single match.
Unappetizing Unappetizing
On Piranha Swamp, take a swim with the hungry piranhas without losing health.
1.21 Gigawatts! 1.21 Gigawatts!
On Plantation, activate all four Generators at the same time.
Cross Alpha Omega Cross Alpha Omega
Have the Big Blade power-up and the Invincibility power-up active at the same time.
Shish Kebab Shish Kebab
Skewer at least 2 opponents with a single Guard Breaker attack.
That's Sheathing! That's Sheathing!
Win a match without ever hitting an opponent with the Sword.
Ultra-Violence Ultra-Violence
Eliminate 3 opponents in less than 30 seconds using your Sword.
Coup de Grace Coup de Grace
Eliminate the last opponent in a match with a Combo finish.
It's a Long Shot It's a Long Shot
Travel a long distance with the Hookshot.
Firewall Firewall
Block 3 Fireballs with your Shield.