Roundabout Trophy List

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Follow a lady into the big smoke.
Make a huge mistake.
Drive into the sunset.
Stand still for a minute of silence at The Memorial.
Honk your horn 500 times, then honk your horn 500 more.
Aggressively warn a dozen pedestrians with the Trafffic Coner.
Purchase a pet eagle.
Get a better eSports Speedrun Time than the No Goblin team.
View the "How's Your Driving" screen outside of the tutorial. Useful, isn't it?
Reach a 35x multiplier.
Collect every Cash Stash.
Accomplish every Sick Jump.
Discover all of the horns.
Purchase every hat and paint job.
Collect every star in every ride.
Purchase every property.
Reach 100% completion for the entire game.
Complete an eSports Speedrun without exploding.
Drive the entire "classic" length of Desert Limo without crashing.