Rollercoaster Tycoon Joyride Trophy List

How To Use
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Collect all other trophies.
Build and ride your first coaster.
Save your first Blueprint.
Download your first community blueprint.
Build and ride a Lightweight coaster.
Build and ride a Middleweight coaster.
Build and ride a Heavyweight coaster.
Ride a lifetime total of 15 miles of track.
Ride a lifetime total of 40 miles of track.
Ride a lifetime total of 100 miles of track.
Unlock the Hammerhead Zapper.
Unlock the Kraken Zapper.
Complete all mission.
Obtain a three star rating in all missions.
Collect all Canyon collectibles.
Collect all City collectibles.
Hit every Multiplier on a coaster as a x5.
Hit every Thundermine on a coaster run.
Ride every Easyrider once.
Ride every Headspinner once.
Build a 300 meter stretch of vertical track straight toward the ground.
Destroy a target from 200 meters away.
Achieve a combo chain of 50 targets.