Rogue Galaxy Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies.
Change a character into an alternate outfit.
Win a game of Insectron.
Obtain the Rakshasa Heart item.
Obtain the Mirror of Truth.
Disarm a trap set on a treasure chest.
Complete Chapter One.
Complete Chapter Two.
Complete Chapter Three.
Complete Chapter Four.
Complete Chapter Five.
Complete Chapter Six.
Assemble your first item in the factory.
Use Toady to synthesize a new item.
Learn a level three ability with Jaster.
Succesfully execute a Burning Strike attack.
Kill 10 enemies with thrown objects.
Reach level 99 with any character.
Inflict over 14,000 damage with a Burning Strike attack.
Receive the Key to the Underworld by completing the Seventh Mystery.
Defeat Doppelganger in the Ghost Ship Extreme.
Defeat a Mimic.
Obtain the Earth, Star, and Sun keys.
Complete Chapter Seven.
Complete Chapter Eight.
Complete Chapter Nine.
Complete Chapter Ten.
Complete Chapter Eleven.
Complete Chapter Twelve.
Become the rank S Insectron champion.
Complete all 36 blueprints in the Factory.
Complete every Quarry hunt.
Upgrade all legendary Seven-Star Swords to their final form.
Reach the top Hunter's Rank.
Defeat the Demon Battleship.