Rocketbirds 2: Evolution Trophy List

Platinum Trophy Platinum Trophy
Collect all trophies
The Hardboiled Chicken The Hardboiled Chicken
Complete all six chapters in Story Mode
The Search and Rescue Strikeforce The Search and Rescue Strikeforce
As host, complete a rescue mission for all four locations in Rescue Mode
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
The Road Less Traveled The Road Less Traveled
Unlock Hardboiled Chicken for Rescue Mode in the game
Signs of Evolution Signs of Evolution
Find all 18 signs in all 6 chapters in Story Mode
Signs of Hardboiled Chicken Signs of Hardboiled Chicken
Find 9 signs in any three chapters in Story Mode
Signs of Revolution Signs of Revolution
Find all 3 signs of a single chapter in Story Mode
UFO Hit and Run UFO Hit and Run
Kill all enemies during Hardboiled's final, successful escape in Chapter 6
Space Owl Droppings Space Owl Droppings
Drop six Space Owls into the liquid ooze in Chapter 6
Half Minute Hexapod Half Minute Hexapod
Defeat the swinging hexapod, once you see its health bar, in under 30 seconds in Chapter 5
The Spider's Nose The Spider's Nose
Stand on the Hexapod's Nose while it is firing its missiles in Chapter 4
Goose Brother Blast Goose Brother Blast
Detonate a bomb near either G-man in the final show-down in Chapter 2
The Obeyor The Obeyor
Make enemies kill 15 co-workers in Chapter 2
The Infiltrator The Infiltrator
Melee kill 15 Enemies in a row without triggering the alarm in Chapter 2
The Headhunter The Headhunter
Headshot kill 15 enemies in a row in Chapter 1
The Informant The Informant
Get someone to tell you what's up ahead in Chapter 1
Shoot Yourself, Putzki Shoot Yourself, Putzki
Make Putzki shoot himself in Chapter 1
The Great Unlocker The Great Unlocker
Unlock 100 costume items or weapons in Rescue Mode
Awesome Achiever Awesome Achiever
Attain 3 star scores for all four locations in Rescue Mode
Sharp Shooter Sharp Shooter
Attain a 80% or higher accuracy score on a mission in Rescue Mode
Construction Complete Construction Complete
As host, collect all nine artifacts in Rescue Mode
UFO Hostage Missions UFO Hostage Missions
Unlock all 4 hostages in the UFO in Rescue Mode
Jungle Hostage Missions Jungle Hostage Missions
Unlock all 4 hostages in Jungliana in Rescue Mode
Factory Hostage Missions Factory Hostage Missions
Unlock all 4 hostages in Putzki's Pork Plant in Rescue Mode
Castle Hostage Missions Castle Hostage Missions
Unlock all 4 hostages in Putzki's Castle in Rescue Mode
Big Spender Big Spender
Spend more than 50,000 bucks in Rescue mode
Penguins go Pop Penguins go Pop
Headshot kill 100 enemies in the game
Crimes of Passion Crimes of Passion
Melee weapon kill 100 Enemies in the game
Bouncing Grenade Mayhem Bouncing Grenade Mayhem
Kill 4 Enemies with a single grenade shot in the game