Road Not Taken Trophy List

New Villager New Villager
Completed the 1st Mission
Doomed Doomed
Crafted an Angry Ghost
Banner Banner
Banned an Object
Paul Bunyan Paul Bunyan
Chopped Wood
Heartwarmer Heartwarmer
Crafted a Fire
Savory Stew Savory Stew
Ate Raccoon Stew
Curb Your Goat Curb Your Goat
Picked Up Poop
Silver Watch Silver Watch
Earned a Silver Watch
Good Samaritan Good Samaritan
Rescued 30 Children
Savior Savior
Rescued 100 Children
Healer Healer
Cured Someone
Gold Watch Gold Watch
Earned a Gold Watch
Lived a Full Life Lived a Full Life
Completed a Career
Dedicated Ranger Dedicated Ranger
Completed 3 Careers
Grounded Grounded
Played an Entire Career Without Teleporting or Using a Shrine
Spiritual Spiritual
Played an Entire Career Without Stepping on any Spirits (Red or White) or Using a Shrine
Vegetarian Vegetarian
Played an Entire Career Without Eating Meat or Using a Shrine
Loremaster Loremaster
Discovered 100 Secrets
Keeper of the Book Keeper of the Book
Discovered 200 Secrets