Risk Urban Assault Trophy List

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Capture a town hall.
Draft 1000 troops.
Complete a game with each of the 5 factions.
Destroy 1000 enemy troops.
Destroy 100 troops with missiles.
Complete a game in RISK League mode.
Win an online multiplayer game.
Win 30 mayoral elections .
Spend 100 stars.
Buy 20 facilities.
Win a game with Commander Volgoth.
Win the General's League.
Reach turn 5 having lost no more than 3 districts.
Capture a missile base.
Purchase 20 troops in one turn.
Complete 8 games each with a different commander.
Honor 10 ceasefires.
Win 7 games in a row.
Play for 24 hours.
Win the outlaw bounty 10 times.