Risen 2: Dark Waters Special Edition Trophy List

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Earn all Risen 2 trophies to unlock the platinum trophy
'Rescue Patty!' completed
'Find Steelbeard' completed
'Become a Pirate' completed
'The Ancestors' Blessing' completed
'Four Muskets against Crow' completed
'Free Hawkins' completed
'The Titan Weapon' completed
'A New Ship' completed
'Following Garcia's Trail' completed
'Chaka Datu's Legacy' completed
'Garcia's Masquerade Uncovered' completed
'The Greedy Captain' completed
'Ship's Equipment' completed
'The Gnome Eater' completed
'Build a Raft' completed
'The Cunning Captain' completed
'Steelbeard's Artefact' completed
'The Journey to the Underworld' completed
'The Split Soul' completed
'Defeat the Kraken' completed
'Kill Mara' completed
Completed 250 quests
Learned everything about blades
Learned everything about firearms
Learned everything about toughness
Learned everything about cunning
Learned everything about voodoo
Learned each skill once
At least 5 crew members on the ship
Travelled by ship 20 times
Used parrot 5 times
Used monkey 20 times
Won drinking duel mini-game 10 times
Hit 10 times in one game in the shooting mini-game
Picked 100 locks
Dug up 50 treasures
Won duel against Severin
Acquired 1000 gold
Acquired 100,000 gold
Acquired 300,000 gold
Found first treasure in the game
Collected 10 legendary items
Collected 20 legendary items
Killed 10 monsters
Killed 10 giant crabs
Killed 50 sea monsters
Killed 20 ambient animals
Killed 500 monsters
Killed 2000 monsters
Drank first rum
Set course for Treasure Isle for the first time
Killed all alligators on Treasure Isle
Opened every deadly chest once
'The Air Temple' completed
'The Marooned Sailor' completed
Killed all gargoyles and gave their eggs to Eldric