Rise of The Kasai Trophy List

Protector of the Innocent Protector of the Innocent
Unlock all trophies.
Unsuspecting Unsuspecting
Perform two group stealth kills in one level during one play session.
Always wear a helmet! Always wear a helmet!
Crush three enemies at once with a stack of barrels.
Legendary Precision Legendary Precision
Get 10 headshots in one level with the bow.
Death from above Death from above
Stealth kill an enemy from above.
Gimme That! Gimme That!
Disarm 15 enemies in one level.
Second Wind Second Wind
Kill ten consecutive enemies while Player's health is below 25%.
Puff, Puff, Pass Puff, Puff, Pass
Stick 10 enemies with puffers in one level.
Rise of the Kasai Rise of the Kasai
Read from the Book of Dundao at a Story Altar.
Without a Trace Without a Trace
Complete a level without saving.
Heavy Handed Heavy Handed
Kill 50 enemies in one level using Baumusu's Narga during one play session.
Better than Brother Better than Brother
Kill 50 enemies in one level with Tati's Bishaq during one play session.
Way of the Elder Way of the Elder
Kill 30 enemies in one level with Griz's Kukrin during one play session.
Old Reliable Old Reliable
Kill 50 enemies in one level using Rau's Broadsword during one play session.
Collector: Tapuroku Collector: Tapuroku
Collect all tukus in the Tapuroku level.
Collector: Ngari Collector: Ngari
Collect all tukus in the Ngari level.
Collector: Mount Basuku Collector: Mount Basuku
Collect all tukus in the Mt. Basuku level.
Collector: Yolo Maibisi Collector: Yolo Maibisi
Collect all tukus in the Yolo Maibisi level.
Collector: Vaitaku Collector: Vaitaku
Collect all tukus in the Vaitaku level.
Collector: Dai Haru Collector: Dai Haru
Collect all tukus in the Dai Haru level.
Collector: Rutu Tei Huru Collector: Rutu Tei Huru
Collect all tukus in the Rutu Tei Huru level.
A Merciful Warrior A Merciful Warrior
Complete a level killing fewer than 10 enemies.
Wrath of the Rakus Wrath of the Rakus
Achieve a body count of 40 in an Arena level.
Maibisi's Pet Maibisi's Pet
Defeat the Tentacle monster for the final time.
A Breath of Hot Air A Breath of Hot Air
Defeat the Dragon on Mt. Basuku with Rau.
A Watchful Eye A Watchful Eye
Unlock all 10 movies.
Tools of the Trade Tools of the Trade
Unlock all weapons by collecting every Tuku.
Arena Champion Arena Champion
Unlock all arena levels by completing all level challenges.
Untouchable Untouchable
Complete a level without taking any damage.
Maibisi's Demise Maibisi's Demise
Defeat Maibisi.