Rise of the Guardians Trophy List

Rise of the Guardians Rise of the Guardians
Earn all trophies to unlock this platinum trophy.
Explorer - Burgess Explorer – Burgess
Travel to Burgess by way of a Guardian Gate.
Explorer - Tooth's Palace Explorer – Tooth’s Palace
Travel to Tooth’s Palace by way of a Guardian Gate.
Explorer - Bunnymund's Warren Explorer – Bunnymund’s Warren
Travel to The Warren by way of a Guardian Gate.
Explorer - Sandman's Ship Explorer – Sandman’s Ship
Travel to the Sandman’s Ship by way of a Guardian Gate.
Explorer - North Pole Explorer – North Pole
Travel to the North Pole by way of a Guardian Gate.
Explorer - Pitch's Lair Explorer – Pitch’s Lair
Enter Pitch’s Lair for the first time.
Guardian Explorer Guardian Explorer
Travel to each realm in the whole world.
Gates of Burgess Gates of Burgess
Reclaim all gates at Burgess.
Gates of Bunnymund's Warren Gates of Bunnymund’s Warren
Reclaim all gates at The Warren.
Gates of Sandman's Ship Gates of Sandman’s Ship
Reclaim all gates at the Sandman’s Ship.
Gates of the North Pole Gates of the North Pole
Reclaim all gates at the North Pole.
Gates of Tooth's Palace Gates of Tooth’s Palace
Reclaim all gates at Tooth’s Palace.
Keeper of the Gates Keeper of the Gates
Complete all Gate Guardians missions in each realm.
Guardians Unite Guardians Unite
Complete all Protectors of Belief missions in each realm.
Friends to the Rescue Friends to the Rescue
Complete all Cage Break missions in each realm.
Nightmares Beware Nightmares Beware
Complete all Shadow Stompers missions in each realm.
Celebrate Your Center Celebrate Your Center
Complete all Find Your Center missions in each realm.
Believe in the Magic Believe in the Magic
Level up for the first time.
Elite Guardian Elite Guardian
Reach Valor Level 20.
Shadow Spree Shadow Spree
Destroy 100 Nightmare enemies.
Shadow Take-Down Shadow Take-Down
Destroy one of each Nightmare enemy.
Magic is Everywhere Magic is Everywhere
Destroy all Nightmares in all realms.
Dig the Spring Dig the Spring
Find and Collect all Painted Eggs scattered across all 5 realms.
Memories Safe Memories Safe
Find and Collect all Tooth Boxes scattered across all 5 realms.
Eternally Chill Eternally Chill
Find and Collect all Snowballs scattered across all 5 realms.
Toy Central Toy Central
Find and Collect all Wooden Toys scattered across all 5 realms.
Dreamer Dreamer
Find and Collect all Dreamsand Capsules scattered across all 5 realms.
Deliver Holiday Cheer Deliver Holiday Cheer
Perform a 10 point combo.
Never Stop Believing Never Stop Believing
Reach a 50 point combo.
Cool Headed Cool Headed
Upgrade your weapon to Level 2.
Ice Cold Ice Cold
Upgrade your weapon to Level 3.
Cold Warrior Cold Warrior
Upgrade your weapon to Level 4.
My Kind of Element My Kind of Element
Purchase all Gems.
Crystal Champ Crystal Champ
Collect 15000 Crystals.
Guardians Deliver Guardians Deliver
Reach 100% World Belief.
Co-op Captain Co-op Captain
Instigate a co-operative attack move.
Shadow Sifter Shadow Sifter
Destroy one of each type of Champion Nightmare.
Beyond Belief Beyond Belief
Defeat Pitch in the Final Showdown and reach 100% world belief.
This is Going to be Epic! This is Going to be Epic!
Defeat Pitch for the fifth and final time in his Lair.
Belief Spin Belief Spin
Turn the Globe of Belief 360 degrees on the Pause Screen.
Bed Blaster Bed Blaster
Destroy all beds that lead to Pitch’s Realm portal.
I Still Believe I Still Believe
Defeat Pitch in each of the five confrontations.
Glory of the Guardians Glory of the Guardians
Defeat Pitch at the Final Showdown in Burgess.
Tis' the Season to be Naughty Tis’ the Season to be Naughty
Destroy 40 piles of presents in North’s Factory.
Yeti Master Yeti Master
Hit a friendly Yeti ten times.
Memories are Treasures Memories are Treasures
Destroy the circle of mushrooms in Tooth’s Asia Temple.
Workin' Hard Every Day Workin’ Hard Every Day
Destroy 20 vases in Tooth’s realm.
Riding the Wind Riding the Wind
Hit 10 Mailboxes around the streets of Burgess.
Gone Fishing Gone Fishing
Destroy all 5 instances of fishing gear around the lake.