Rime Trophy List

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Obtain all trophies.
Collect all the toys.
Collect all the outfits.
Complete the lost lullaby.
Peek through all the keyholes.
Recompose all the emblems.
Reunite with the white shade.
Leave denial behind.
From victim to victor.
Pay it forward.
Hit your lowest point.
Accept things as they are.
Respect the past.
Break the five strange statues.
Break many jars.
Lit many lights.
Bring light to the labyrinth of darkness.
Try to wake up the lost Sentinel.
Reunite the family.
The higher, the funnier!
Throw something as far as you can.
Don't smash the eggs.
Complete the labyrinth without making a sound.
Find the shark.
Use only one bubble in the underwater cave.
Find a nice resting place.
Try to undo a mistake.
Move undetected amongst the shades.
Witness the resting place of the once mighty.
The other way was safer.
Turning your back to the truth and persevering will lead you nowhere.
Be faster than the Sentinels.