Trophy List

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Unlock all other trophies.
Defeat 10 Devil's Hand enemies.
Defeat 500 Devil's Hand enemies.
Perform a Rage Attack on foot.
Perform 10 Rage Attacks on bike.
Perform a kill with every type of melee weapon.
Get 3 A Grades at the gun range.
Kill 50 enemies with Headshots.
Perform a Dirty Fighting Technique attack.
Perform an S Grade Wheelie.
Perform an S Grade Jump.
Perform an S Grade Powerslide.
Perform 10 S Grade Wheelies.
Jump a total of 1000 feet.
Perform 10 S Grade Powerslides.
Purchase 5 weapons.
Save a girl.
Save every girl being harassed.
Purchase all the Manuals.
Sell one of every drug type.
Collect a Playing Card.
Collect all the cards in the red deck.
Collect all the cards in the blue deck.
Unlock all Bike Paints.
Unlock all Bike Artwork.
Unlock 50% of the Bike Parts.
Complete the opening sequence.
Defeat Anvil.
Defeat Colt.
Defeat Meathook.
Defeat Greasy Steve.
Defeat Triple 6.
Defeat King Dick.
Defeat Pretty Boy.
Defeat Caesar.
Complete the game on the Easy Rider Difficulty setting.
Complete the game on the Badass Biker Difficulty setting.
Complete the game on the One Percenter Difficulty setting.
Kill 50 Devil's Hand with the Sniper Rifle.
Kill 50 Devil's Hand with Grenades.
Clear Old Moon Ranch of Devil's Hand.
Deliver the truck back to the Army Base.
Catch the decoy.
Reach Cook and the A-bomb.
Kill 10 Devil's Hand from Tyrell's side-car.
Follow two of Tyrell's men off a bike ramp.
Fight through the Refinery without dying.
Defeat Cook.