Ride 2 Trophy List

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Ride 2 Maestro
Unlock all trophies
Hello World!
Complete your first online race
Online Champion
Complete an online championship
Complete 25 online races
Supermoto Winner
Finish first in a Supermoto World Tour event
No mistakes allowed
Finish first in a Perfect Trajectory World Tour event
Finish first in a Pairs Race World Tour event
Lightning start
Finish first in a Drag Race World Tour event
There’s no time to lose!
Score the best time in a Time Attack World Tour event
It's crowded here
Finish first in a Track Day World Tour event
Finish first in an Endurance World Tour event
Track Duel
Finish first in a Head-to-head World Tour event
Slippery victory
Win a race under the rain
The longest track
Complete a race at Nürburgring Nordschleife - Full Circuit
You can call me...
Unlock a Rider Badge
Precarious balance
Hold a wheelie for 8 consecutive seconds
On your toes
Hold a stoppie for 2 consecutive seconds
Try and catch me!
Reach 280 km/h (174 mph)
See you tomorrow
Complete the three daily challenges
Top or bottom?
Complete a race in Split Screen mode
Team battle
Win a Team vs Team event
Team number 1
Reach first place in the Team Standings
Reach the podium in a Single Race World Tour event with a pre-modified bike
Try and beat this!
Record a valid time in time trial and upload it into the leaderboards
Slightly better
Unlock your first Ride Bonus
Decidedly better
Unlock 10 Ride Bonuses
The best
Unlock all Ride Bonuses
Best in the world
Reach first place in the World Tour Rider Leaderboard
Championship completed
Finish first in a World Tour championship
20 wheels
Collect a total of 10 bikes
50 wheels
Collect a total of 25 bikes
100 wheels
Collect a total of 50 bikes
Good start
Race a total of 100 km (62 miles) with any bike
You can’t stop me
Race a total of 250 km (155 miles) with any bike
It’s a long road
Race a total of 500 km (310 miles) with any bike
Time Traveler
Use the Rewind for the first time