Reverie Trophy List

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Collect all other trophies.
Look at the feather book.
Rearrange your inventory.
Acquire the maximum amount of coins.
Use the wheelshoes inside your house.
Change the pizza option.
Score a try.
Become a dog whisperer.
Take Ruby for a walk to the beach.
Meet all three members of the Kiwi Krew.
Discover the kiwi grove.
Discover the tuatara cave.
Discover the secret rugby facility.
Beat the microwave at MicroPong.
Collected every permanent inventory item.
Collected every quest item.
Beat the highest score on StarBlazer.
Become the fisherman's lucky charm.
Reveal every tile on the world map.
Complete the game!
Beat the bonus dungeon.
Collect every feather.
Acquire the cricket bat.
Acquire the yoyo.
Acquire the dart gun.
Acquire the snorkel.
Acquire the pet rock.
Acquire the wheel shoes.
Beat the first dungeon.
Beat the second dungeon.
Beat the third dungeon.
Beat the fourth dungeon.
Beat the fifth dungeon.