Revenant Saga Trophy List

Revenant Master Revenant Master
Obtained all trophies.
Apprehension Apprehension
Finished the opening.
Quest for Revenge Quest for Revenge
Joined up with Esther.
To Each Their Own To Each Their Own
Gathered a party of four.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Hidden Truth Hidden Truth
Albert's secret is reveiled to his friends.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Companions Companions
Esther rejoined the party.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
New Powers New Powers
All trials have been completed.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Normal End Normal End
Achieved normal end.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
True End True End
Achieved true end.
Super Helper Super Helper
Cleared all subquests.
Revenant Hunter Revenant Hunter
Exterminated 100 enemies.
Crusader Crusader
Exterminated 1500 enemies.
Valkyrie Valkyrie
Exterminated 3000 enemies.
Novice Novice
Used 100 skills.
Intermediate Intermediate
Used 1000 skills.
Adept Adept
Used 2000 skills.
Chameleon Chameleon
Transformed 50 times.
Transformer Transformer
Transformed 100 times.
Mighty Morpher Mighty Morpher
Transformed 200 times.
Striker Striker
Dealt 10000 damage with a single blow.
Defense Breaker Defense Breaker
Dealt 100000 damage with a single blow.
Demon Slayer Demon Slayer
Dealt 999999 damage with a single blow.
Harrassed Harrassed
Suffered 5000 damage from a single blow.
Abused Abused
Suffered 20000 damage from a single blow.
Masochist Masochist
Suffered 100000 damage from a single blow.
Scrapper Scrapper
Achieved 10 consecutive hits.
Bruiser Bruiser
Achieved 50 consecutive hits.
Prizefighter Prizefighter
Achieved 200 consecutive hits.
Indignant Indignant
Achieved 5 consecutive overkills.
Unmerciful Unmerciful
Achieved 15 consecutive overkills.
Wrath Bringer Wrath Bringer
Achieved 30 consecutive overkills.
Traveler Traveler
Walked 10000 steps.
Explorer Explorer
Walked 100000 steps.
Globetrotter Globetrotter
Walked 250000 steps.
Spendthrift Spendthrift
Spent 500000 gold.
Prodigal Son Prodigal Son
Spent 5000000 gold.
Business Tycoon Business Tycoon
Spent 20000000 gold.
Apprentice Apprentice
Weapon level upgraded to 10.
Blacksmith Blacksmith
Weapon level upgraded to 100.
Master Forger Master Forger
Weapon level upgraded to 999.
Greenhorn Greenhorn
Collected 50 treasure chests.
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Collected 100 treasure chests.
Tomb Raider Tomb Raider
Collected all treasure chests.
Vandal Vandal
50000000 damage record in Kabillion Challenge.
Destroyer Destroyer
100000000 damage record in Kabillion Challenge.
Almighy's Hand Almighy's Hand
300000000 damage record in Kabillion Challenge.
Man of the Hour Man of the Hour
Reached level 30 in Monster Sparring EX.
Man of the Year Man of the Year
Reached level 100 in Monster Sparring EX.
Man of the Century Man of the Century
Reached level 200 in Monster Sparring EX.