Revenant Dogma Trophy List

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Obtain all the trophies.
Watch the opening sequence.
Fleon joins the party.
Reach the Valley of Judgment.
Obtain second ship.
Finish normal ending.
Finish true ending "Little Joy".
Finish true ending "Feral Realm Lights".
Finish true ending "Men of Legend".
Complete all subquests.
Enter Ethereal Est.
Complete labyrinth on easy.
Complete labyrinth on normal.
Complete labyrinth on hard.
Complete 100 labyrinth floors on hell.
Walk 5,000 steps.
Walk 200,000 steps.
Defeat 1,000 enemies.
Defeat 5,000 enemies.
Use skills 100 times.
Use skills 2,000 times.
Transform 50 times.
Transform 200 times.
Deal 10,000 damage in a single hit.
Deal 100,000 damage in a single hit.
Take 5,000 damage in a single hit.
Take 20,000 damage in a single hit.
Spend a total of 500,000 Gold.
Spend a total of 10 million Gold.
Defeat the Guild Hero.
Acquire weapon rank level 999.