Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Trophy List

Angelic Voice Angelic Voice
Hear the singing voice of a little girl.
The Little Fugitive The Little Fugitive
Save the little girl.
What Research Holds In Store What Research Holds In Store
Bring peace to the sad researcher.
Ninja Skills Ninja Skills
Slip through the trap without a scratch.
The Mad Queen The Mad Queen
Take out the queen ant.
Bye-Bye, Mommy Bye-Bye, Mommy
Recover a mother's instinct.
Forbidden Power Forbidden Power
Witness the end of one suffocated by power.
Other Side of the Coin Other Side of the Coin
Capture a glimpse into the changing mind of a comrade.
Tofu Smack Down! Tofu Smack Down!
Clear the secret stage.
Head Shot Freak Head Shot Freak
Land at least 5 headshots in a row.
Professional Professional
Clear all chapters on the hardest difficulty with an S rank.
Archive Collector Archive Collector
Collect all archives.