Replay: VHS is not dead Trophy List

Be nice, rewind! Be nice, rewind!
Rewind for the first time.
88 mph! 88 mph!
Rewind more than 500 times.
He's dead, Jim! He's dead, Jim!
Die for the first time.
Why so serious? Why so serious?
Use a token for the first time.
Scene 4, Take 42, Action! Scene 4, Take 42, Action!
Spend more than 10 minutes on a level.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Squid sushi for dinner! Squid sushi for dinner!
Defeat the Kraken.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Defeat Ray 7000
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Vade Retro, Dracula! Vade Retro, Dracula!
Defeat Dracula.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
My precious...Trident! My precious...Trident!
Defeat the Statue.
Tetros - The movie Tetros - The movie
Stack 4 characters
Mrs. Doubtwater Mrs. Doubtwater
Get all the outfits.
The End. The End.
Complete the game.
Multipass! Multipass!
Get all the keys in the game.
Oscar for the best player. Oscar for the best player.
Earn all the gold medals.