Reel Fishing: Master's Challenge Trophy List

Completed Chapter 1 Summer Completed Chapter 1 Summer
Story: Complete Chapter 1
Completed Chapter 2 Fall Completed Chapter 2 Fall
Story: Complete Chapter 2
Completed Chapter 3 Winter Completed Chapter 3 Winter
Story: Complete Chapter 3
Completed Chapter 4 Spring Completed Chapter 4 Spring
Story: Complete Chapter 4
Completed Last Chapter Completed Last Chapter
Story: Complete Last Chapter
Lure and Bait Collector Lure and Bait Collector
Got all the lures and baits.
Rod Collector Rod Collector
It's just a bronze, but it's out of sight
Aquarium Collector Aquarium Collector
Got all the aquarium items.
Genius Fisherman Genius Fisherman
Received all As in missions.
Big Haul Big Haul
Caught 300 fish.
Collector Master Collector Master
Got all the items.
Legendary Fisherman Legendary Fisherman
Caught all fish in all sizes.