R.B.I. Baseball 15 Trophy List

Punchout Punchout
Strike out the CPU
Couch Play Couch Play
Play a local multiplayer game
Salami Salami
Hit a Grand Slam (Against CPU or Online Ranked Only)
Thievery Thievery
Steal a Base (Against CPU or Online Ranked Only)
Online Ownage Online Ownage
Win 50 Online Multiplayer Games
Take a Seat Take a Seat
Strike out the side against the CPU
Classic Win Classic Win
Win a complete game in 16-man roster against the CPU ( 1 Pitcher)
R.B.I. Master R.B.I. Master
Hit 1000 RBIs
Speed Merchant Speed Merchant
Steal 25 Bases in online ranked mode
Home Run Flurry Home Run Flurry
Hit 3 Home Runs in a single inning in an Online Ranked game.
In Your Crawl Space In Your Crawl Space
Mercy an Opponent in online Ranked Mode
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Plunked Plunked
Hit batter with a pitch
Tater Time Tater Time
Hit a home run (Against CPU or Online Online Ranked Only)
Walk Off Walk Off
Hit a walk-off home run (Against CPU or Online Ranked Only)
Grand Tour Grand Tour
Play a game in all 30 Stadiums
Clean Sweep Clean Sweep
Sweep the post season (either mode)
World Champs World Champs
Win the World Series
R.B.I Skills R.B.I Skills
Hit 50 RBIs with the same player in Season mode
Midsummer Classic Midsummer Classic
Win All-Star game in season mode