Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal Trophy List

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Obtain all Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal trophies
Obtain all 40 Titanium bolts
Attain All 30 Skill Points
Get all the Omega Weapons including the Rhynocerator
Complete every battle mission
Defeat the Biobliterator to complete the game
Defeat Dr. Nefarious in the Final Battle
Get all Qwark Tokens (100%) on all Vid Comics
Defeat Scorpio with only the wrench in Annihilation Nation
Complete the Qwarktastic Battle in Annihilation Nation
Attain the RY3NO Gadget
Get Ratchet's Nanotech up to 200 (Maxed out!)
Find the Ratchet Trophy
Find the Clank Trophy
Collect 10 Million Bolts
Complete the "Path of Death" on Florana without taking any damage
Hit Skrunch the monkey with your wrench on Starship Phoenix
Kill 25 enemies with the Refractor on Marcadia
Destroy all underwater crates on Planet Aquatos
Complete all 8 Gauntlet Challenges on Annihilation Nation
Complete any Gauntlet Challenge without taking any damage
Collect all 101 Sewer Crystals on Aquatos
Convert 15 Blood Flies into Ducks on Daxx
Jump up onto the Asteroid Belt on the Obani Moon
Hit the jackpot on a slot machine in Holostar Studios
Destroy the Blimp flying around Metropolis
Kill 40 Enemies with the Suck Cannon at the Crash Site
Get 2 seconds of air with the Turbo-Slider on Aridia
Destroy the Snowman at Qwark's Hideout
Infect 30 Enemies with the Infector Gadget on Mylon
Kill 20 Enemies with your Refractor Gadget on Aridia
Collect 1 Million Bolts
Get the Snowman Skin