Rapala Fishing: Pro Series Trophy List

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Unlock All Trophies
Catch 2 fish in each lake
Catch 10 fish in each lake
Catch 40 fish in each lake
Catch a legendary fish
Catch 2 legendary fish
Catch 3 legendary fish
Finish 2 Daily Challenges
Finish 10 Daily Challenges
Finish 25 Daily Challenges
Lose a small fish
Lose 5 monster fish
Break your line 25 times
Catch 1 fish of any species
Catch a fish with the Rapala® Original Floating® lure
Push another boat for half a mile
Catch a fish in each weather condition: sunny, overcast, rainy
Miss the cut in Career Mode
Place first in a single tournament without ever changing equipment
Unlock every single clothing item for your male or female angler
Unlock all boats
Catch 25 Largemouth Bass
Accumulate 30 perfect casts in any game mode
Complete any Lake Goal in Free Fishing mode
Accumulate 3 hours of boat driving in any game mode
Obtain every lure in the game
Find and cast into a fishing spot on each lake
Catch at least 1 of each fish species in any game mode
Win a Daily Challenge
Catch a fish, any fish, with each lure
Catch 20 monster fish
Complete the retrieval pattern for every single lure
Win Career Mode