Randal's Monday Trophy List

Day 3: Mortimer’s dungeon Day 3: Mortimer’s dungeon
Complete episode 2
Day 7: The final barbecue Day 7: The final barbecue
Complete episode 6
It’s over It’s over
Beat the whole game
Chicken Chicken
Unlock the hints system
Cat murderer Cat murderer
Hit the “kill kitty” button XX times
Perfectionist Perfectionist
You made a complete scarecrow
Old school Old school
Beat the game without using the hints system
Bad friend Bad friend
Feed the Horsemen
Cursed Cursed
Sell the ring
Lover of The Trilogy Lover of The Trilogy
You didn’t fail any question in HAL’s game
Survival horror lover Survival horror lover
Beat the puzzle of the drawers and the books on your first try.
Gort salutes you Gort salutes you
Tell Bogs the password
Three meals a day Three meals a day
Feed the pigeons three times
Brainiac Brainiac
Beat the hot plate puzzle on your first try
Good friend Good friend
Beat the final conversation choosing only the correct answers
I want no spoilers I want no spoilers
Beat the puzzle of the Sci-Fi Con sign without the bum’s help