Rack N Ruin Trophy List

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Collect All Trophies
Corrupt the first shrine.
Defeat Amon.
Banish Nihil.
Escape the Crystal Prison.
Destroy the Goddess.
Hit a bomb with the Blade of Ruin.
Kill a Leopard Guardian without triggering the roll.
Beat the game less than in 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Use 10 Wisp Dusts.
Destroy a Water Elemental.
Kill 5000 enemies.
Earn 150,000 souls.
Find the The Groto secret.
Solve the vampiric ring riddle.
Enchant the amulet.
Finish the game.
Defeat all the wave spawners.
Corrupt all the shrines.
Fully stock Baba Yaga's shop.
Destroy Amon without using fire damage.
Destroy the Guardian without ever taking damage.
Destroy the Crystalized Hero in less than 105 seconds.
Destroy the Goddess without using abilities or spellbooks.
Destroy the Demon Governor using only the boomerang.
Resurrect Sally.
Feed the pile of gunk to Norbit the demon.
Finish the game on Hard difficulty.
Find all 10 Souls of the Innocent.
Unlock all key doors.
Collect all usable items, upgrade items, and ability upgrades.
Destroy Ruin without using healing items.