Trophy List

Stagehand Stagehand
Complete a stage in perfect moves
Electrician Electrician
Switch the battery on 4 times during a level
Punchline Punchline
Change a bulb 200 times during a level
Eskimo Eskimo
Break 10 ice blocks that contain an object
Chemist Chemist
Merge 4 droplets into 1
Illuminatus Illuminatus
Illuminate blue, gold and red diamonds at the same time
Lightshow Lightshow
Cross the beams 5 times at once
Lightspeed Lightspeed
Complete a level in under 5 seconds
Vanity Vanity
Watch a full chapter replay
Thorough Thorough
Complete a chapter in perfect moves
Father Time Father Time
Collect 24 time pieces
Royal Royal
Collect every jewel
Clear Thinking Clear Thinking
Complete every chapter
Momentous Momentous
Complete every chapter in perfect moves