Quantum Theory Trophy List

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Obtain all trophies.
Clear The Root of the Tower.
Clear Trachea.
Clear Lumenosynthetic Reactor 2.
Clear The Womb.
Clear Cavitas Cranii.
Clear The Seed of Gnosis.
Clear The Root of the Tower on Hard.
Clear Trachea on Hard.
Clear Lumenosynthetic Reactor 2 on Hard.
Clear The Womb on Hard.
Clear Cavitas Cranii on Hard.
Clear the entire game on Hard.
Kill 500 enemies.
Kill 1000 enemies.
Kill 200 enemies with headshots.
Land 200 combo throws.
Land 100 full combo attacks. (3 consecutive hits)
Filena killed 50 enemies.
Shoot an enemy with a Plasma Lancer from 50m.
Kill 100 enemies with melee attacks using the Bloodcleaver.
Hit 5 enemies with one shot from the Ifrit.
Kill 10 enemies with every firearm Syd can equip. (Melee kills don't count.)
Destroy 1 Watcher. (1/50)
Destroy 20 Watchers. (20/50)
Destroy 50 Watchers. (50/50)
Kill the Gargantua on Hard in 2 minutes 30 seconds or less.
Kill the Chariot during Thorax on Hard in 1 minute 30 seconds or less.
Defeat Thanatos on Hard in 1 minute 30 seconds or less.
Kill the Dreadnought on Hard in 2 minutes or less.
Kill the Raven on Hard in 2 minutes or less.
Defeat Chaos (Thanatos II) on Hard in 1 minute 30 seconds or less.
Defeat Diablosis Soma (Thanatos III) on Hard in 3 minutes 30 seconds or less.
Clear the entire story using only the Revenant.
Don't let any teammates who were setting charges go down during the final battle in The Womb.
Kill all enemies in Trachea without dying.
Shoot down 10 projectiles from the Raven.
Obtain the rank of Novice.
Obtain the rank of Soldier.
Obtain the rank of Mercenary.
Obtain the rank of Commando.
Obtain the rank of Elite.
Obtain the rank of Slayer.
Obtain the rank of Berserker.
Obtain the rank of Storm.
Obtain the rank of Immortal.
Kill all members of the opposing team alone. (8-player Team Battle)
Kill all other players in an 8-player Deathmatch.
Kill 10 opponents in a row during one match.
Kill 20 opponents in one match.
Revive 10 teammates in one match.