Puzzlegeddon Trophy List

Hard To Crack Hard To Crack
Finish first in a round of Battle Royale with the shield still intact
Too Cool For School Too Cool For School
Give Ralph a big owie
King Of Comedy King Of Comedy
Respawn into a missile and die
Brawny Brawny
Finish first in a complete Multiplayer match of at least 3 rounds of Battle Royale
Geddowned! Geddowned!
Use a Wormhole Disrupt to block a foe’s Monster Attack within a second of it launching at you
Wait For It Wait For It
Use a Missile Boost on an attack less than one second before it’s hit by an Anti-Missile
Try Anything Twice Try Anything Twice
Reflect the same missile twice
Duelist Duelist
Defeat a total of 100 foes in Multiplayer
Meet Your Maker Meet Your Maker
Defeat a total of 50 Hard Bots when playing as the Robot Factory
Even-Steven Even-Steven
Defeat a total of 50 opponents after you have been killed
Rest In Pieces Rest In Pieces
Accumulate 150 Dead Puzzler’s points ten times, in Multiplayer Battle Royales
Puritan Puritan
Clear the final level of Poison Peril