Puzzle Showdown 4K Trophy List

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Complete all Puzzle Showdown 4K Trophies
Complete 1st Puzzle
Complete a puzzle with scoring disabled
Complete two 30-point or higher Bonus Points in one Showdown
Complete 3rd Puzzle
Compete against another player
Complete 3 Speed Streak Bonuses in a row
Complete 5 Accuracy Bonuses in a row
Complete a Line Bonus of 5 pieces or more
Complete an Isthmus Bonus of 15 or more pieces
Complete an Another's Treasure Bonus twice in one Showdown
1 Competitive Win
10 Competitive Wins
Come back from a 1000 point deficit in showdown
Complete a 510-piece Puzzle
Complete a 510-piece Puzzle in under 2 hours
Complete 50 Puzzles