Pure Chess Trophy List

Check Check
Put an opponent in check in an exhibition game.
Checkmate Checkmate
Win an exhibition game against the computer.
Amateur Amateur
Complete all the tutorials.
Pure Correspondence Pure Correspondence
Win a game online.
Double Check Double Check
Deliver a check by two pieces at the same time.
Promotion Promotion
Advance a pawn to the eighth rank in an offline game.
Perform a castling move on the queenside during any full game.
En Passant En Passant
Perform an En Passant during any full game.
Piece Collector Piece Collector
Capture 100 pieces.
Epaulette Mate Epaulette Mate
Deliver checkmate where the king is blocked on both sides by his own rooks.
Tournament King Tournament King
Complete Tournament mode on all three difficulties.
Problem Wizard Problem Wizard
Solve 100 mate problems.
Grandmaster Grandmaster
Achieve an ELO of 2500 or a Grandmaster Pure Chess rating.