The Punisher: No Mercy Trophy List

Piece of Cake Piece of Cake
Awarded for winning the first map of the Story Mode.
Bullet Magnet Bullet Magnet
Awarded posthumously for the 50th death suffered while playing Microchip in Story Mode.
Family Photo Family Photo
Returned to its rightful owner for completing the Story Mode.
Big Gun Big Gun
Granted for unlocking the missile launcher in Story Mode.
Puzzled Puzzled
Win the Survival mode in the Single Player Campaign playing Jigsaw and using only a shotgun.
Survivor Benefit Survivor Benefit
Perform 200 kills playing Finn Cooley in Multiplayer.
Tower Above Tower Above
Collect more frags than the rest of the players put together playing Barracuda in a Multiplayer match.
Explosives Expert Explosives Expert
Blow 100 enemies into a million little pieces with a grenade launcher in Multiplayer.
Weapons Expert Weapons Expert
Perform at least one kill with each available weapon playing all eight base characters in Multiplayer.
Survivor Survivor
Win a match without dying playing Silver Sable in Multiplayer.
Swift Delivery Swift Delivery
Kill 7 different enemy avatars in an 8-player Multiplayer match without being killed, where each of them is different than your avatar.
Kiss of Death Kiss of Death
Perform 9 kills with a Rhino without being killed or reloading playing Jenny Cesare in Multiplayer.