Punch Club Trophy List

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You prevented a crime for the first time. I am proud of you!
Done! You really did it! Can I call you Dundee now?
You've just taken 5th place in the league. Keep going!
You did it! You've won 5 times. I always believed in you!
Now your shape is better than ever! You look even better than me.
The first bloody fight - done!
You've proven yourself as a true defender of your wallet! I think all criminals will avoid you now.
There is no more trouble in Little China. No more chinese food for me.
You've beaten Big Bob! He doesn't need your clothes anymore. Now he needs some new teeth!
Crime - prison - kick some ass - freedom !
You've avenged your friend! And got the medallion back! Now you can return home.
You got the medallion! No strange power yet. Have you tried rubbing it?
You've done it! One last step before you face the Man in black.
You are the World Champion now.
You've proved that you are better fighter than your brother.
You beat a very powerful ninja!
Your gang is really badass.
Beat the game in 200 days.
Beat the game in 100 days.
Completed the game on the hardcore difficulty.
Hmmm... Turns out Fluffy is kind of a douche.