Psychonauts Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies.
Complete Basic Braining.
Achieve Rank 20.
Achieve Rank 40.
Achieve Rank 60.
Achieve Rank 80.
Achieve Rank 101.
Complete Sasha's Shooting Gallery.
Complete Milla's Dance Party.
Complete Lungfishopolis.
Complete The Milkman Conspiracy.
Complete Gloria's Theater.
Complete Waterloo World.
Complete Black Velvetopia.
Complete The Asylum.
Complete Meat Circus.
Earn all Merit Badges.
Find all Golden Helmets.
Redeem all 16 Scavenger Hunt Items.
Re-brain the Children.
Crack all Vaults.
Sort all Emotional Baggage.
Gather all Figments.
Cook and consume two different kinds of roast in one sitting.
Buy an item from the Camp Store on Christmas.
Witness Maloof's transformation.
Uncover Milla's Secret.
Hear Vernon's Ghost Story.
Spy on Bobby's love life.
Find Edgar's Secret Garden.
Introduce all Camp Kids to Mr. Pokeylope.
Revisit all brains after completion.
Read many bulletin board messages.
Use the bacon. A lot.
Discover the secret history of Whispering Rock.
Give the Coach's speech on the stump.
See yourself through the eyes of many others.
Complete the Punchy Target mini-game.