Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Trophy List

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Obtained all trophies.
Saw one Short Episode.
Hunted black butterflies for the first time.
Cleared the Prologue.
Cleared Chapter 1.
Cleared Chapter 2.
Cleared Chapter 3.
Cleared Chapter 4.
Cleared Chapter 5.
Cleared Chapter 6.
Cleared Chapter 7.
Saw main ending.
Saw bad ending.
Saw Yamato's ending.
Saw Karasuba's ending.
Saw Kagiha's ending.
Saw Monshiro's ending.
Saw Hikage's ending.
Saw Real World ending.
Saw Kazuya's ending.
Saw Aki's ending.
Saw Takuya's ending.
Saw everyone's endings.
Ending completion at 50%.
Short Episode completion at 50%.
Scene completion at 50%.
Achieved an A rank in a butterfly hunt.
Gallery completion at 50%.
Ending completion at 100%.
Short episode completion at 100%.
Scene completion at 100%.
Achieved an S rank in a butterfly hunt.
Gallery completion at 100%.
Memory completion at 100%.