Proton Pulse Trophy List

Full Potential Full Potential
Play through the entire game in one sitting, without entering proton burst mode.
Rock Solid Performance Rock Solid Performance
Play through world 1 in one sitting, without losing a life.
Thinking With Portals Thinking With Portals
Play through world 2 in one sitting, without losing a life.
Vicious Blow Vicious Blow
Play through world 3 in one sitting, without losing a life.
Beat the Clock Beat the Clock
Complete world 1 level 6 in under one minute.
Trick Shot Trick Shot
Complete a level with one paddle hit, without using a powerup.
Not so Easy Not so Easy
Finish level 1 with burst mode active.
Achilles' Heel Achilles' Heel
Defeat the second MOAI, the Portal MOAI, using only one paddle hit.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Journey's Reward Journey's Reward
Watch both music videos.
Faster Than Light Faster Than Light
Defeat the final MOAI, the Light MOAI, without losing a life.
Hard Rock Hard Rock
Complete world 1.
For Science! For Science!
Complete world 2.
Heavy Metal Heavy Metal
Complete world 3.