Project Root Trophy List

Baby Baby
Tutorial complete
Presentation Card Presentation Card
Level 1 complete
The Last Snowflake The Last Snowflake
Level 2 complete
Sylas' Revenge Sylas' Revenge
Level 3 complete
Blackout Blackout
Level 4 complete
Sabotage Sabotage
Level 5 complete
Countdown Countdown
Level 6 Complete
Contact Contact
Level 7 Complete
Captain Captain
Easy game complete
Colonel Colonel
Normal game complete
General General
Hard game complete
Hunter Hunter
Kill 100 Enemies
Killer Killer
Kill 50 Tanks
Traveller Traveller
Travel 100 kilometers
Zombie Zombie
Die 50 times
Shield Shield
Destroy 500 missiles
Life Collector Life Collector
Collect 10 lives
Weapon Collector Weapon Collector
Collect 50 Homing Missiles
Endurance Endurance
Play 5 hours
Racer Racer
Complete level 1 in less than 4 minutures
Survivor Survivor
Complete level 5 without losing a life