Project Highrise: Architect's Edition Trophy List

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Acquire each Project Highrise: Architect's Edition trophy
Move in a luxury loft apartment
Place an artwork
Have all of the small artworks in one building
Have all of the medium artworks in one building
Place an outdoor plaza
Built a 50-story building
Build a 100-story building
Have a building with 500 tiles
Have a building with 2,500 tiles
Reached $50,000 in daily revenues
Reached $100,000 in daily revenues
Reached $200,000 in daily revenues
Rent revenues exceed daily expenses
Reached $25,000 in daily profits
Reached $50,000 in daily profits
Take and fully repay a loan
Move in a headquarters office
Reached 250 population
Reached 500 population
Achieve prestige of 10
Achieve prestige of 20
Achieve prestige of 50
Move in a restaurant with a bar
Move in a gourmet restaurant
Have a two-floor store
Move in a luxury store
Earn a gold medal finish in one scenario
Earn a gold medal in five scenarios