Prison Break: The Conspiracy Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies.
Escape Avocado's stranglehold.
Defeat the snitch in the shower room.
Secure the letter of testimony.
Make it out of the elevator shaft unscathed.
Escape from the asylum after being injected with drugs.
Jump away from the water before getting electrocuted.
Hang Teets with his own chain.
Escape from the boiler room ambush.
Stop Mannix from killing Linc.
Knock out Bellick in the sewers.
Dispatch Trumpets with the sink.
Relentlessly pursue Mannix over the rooftops.
Terminate Mannix.
Complete the stealth tutorial.
Complete the lock picking tutorial.
First time climbing completed!
Complete the fighting tutorial.
Complete chapter one without getting spotted.
Successfully lock pick or unscrew five doors or grates without being spotted.
Don't get knocked out in five consecutive fights.
Arrive in Fox River.
Complete the first quest to retrieve C-Note's drugs.
Realize the brothers are breaking out.
Get the PUGNAc.
Steal Haywire's sketches.
Survive the riot.
Find out that Turk works for the Company.
Get the prison blueprints.
Beat Bellick in the underground fight.
Mannix arrives at Fox River.
Beat your first opponent in underground fights.
Win a match flawlessly in underground fights.
Defeat 50 enemies in underground fights.
Get tattoos for all six locations on your body.
Lift the weights for at least 10 minutes (accumulated).
Punch the heavy bag for at least 10 minutes (accumulated).
Beat up more than 100 people on Shark.
Win a match flawlessly in underground fights on Shark.
Earn $5000.
Finish the game at any difficulty.
Finish the game on Shark.
Complete every chapter without being seen.
Successfully perform 50 reversal moves in fights.
Win a fight without blocking.
Win a fight using only reversal moves and finishing moves.