Prismatic Solid Trophy List

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Complete the game!!
Collect a ton of power-ups to become fully powered-up!
Discover the secret EXTRA stage!
Clear the EXTRA stage and get to the true ending!
Clear the game once!
Clear the game twice!!
Clear the game three times!!!
Score 100,000 points!
Score 1,000,000 points!!
Score 2,000,000 points!!!
Clear the RIDGE stage!
Clear the WATER stage!
Clear the SPACE stage!
Clear the ATOMS stage!
Clear the SHAFT stage!
Clear the EXTRA stage!
Clear the RIDGE stage perfectly!
Clear the WATER stage perfectly!
Clear the SPACE stage perfectly!
Clear the ATOMS stage perfectly!
Clear the SHAFT stage perfectly!
Clear the EXTRA stage perfectly!
Eliminate all "PERISCOPE"s in the WATER stage!
Eliminate all "HUE CIRCLE"s in the ATOMS stage!
Eliminate all "LANDOLT RING"s in the ATOMS stage!
Eliminate all "BARRAGER"s in the WATER stage!
Destroy 256 "ASTEROID"s in the RIDGE stage!
Hack away at the SHAFT stage boss, "POLYHEDRON," 256 times!
Fire 256 shots into a single "MONOLITH"!
Defeat the WATER stage boss, "OCTOPUS," with all appendages intact!