PixelJunk Racers: 2nd Lap Trophy List

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Collect ten bronze cups (or higher) in Solo Tournament.
Collect fifteen silver cups (or higher) in Solo Tournament.
Collect twenty or more gold cups in Solo Tournament.
Combo Racers: Pass ten cars without colliding, on the Oval Express.
Pass thirty cars without colliding in Hot Rods
Absorb 25 cars without crashing in Bipolar or Bust.
Hot Rods: Get gold with NO crashes, on the Split Courseway
Sunday Drivers: Get gold with NO crashes, on any course.
Use whatever tricks you can to achieve a Speed Monkey combo of 120 or more!
The Munchies: Keep yourself alive for over ninety seconds at the Desert Speedway.
Race against 100 ghosts in Ghost Attack.
Complete Solo Tournament Mode
Clear In The Zone with a gold medal, without going faster than 70!
Win Combo Racers without touching the throttle after the first lap, at Redwood Lakes.
Fireball Frenzy: Destroy 10 cars in a single fireball, at the Snow Spiral
Death Race: wipe out every last car on The Knot.