Phantom Doctrine Trophy List

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Unlock all other trophies.
As an agent of the KGB, execute your top secret orders.
As an agent of the CIA, verify whether your mentor's suspicions were correct.
As the Israeli Nazi hunter, pay retribution to an old enemy.
Escape the Glasgow trap.
Recover the Marquis cargo.
Attempt to save 269 lives from an aviation disaster.
Destroy the Broadsword facility.
Get a taste of Beholder's real power.
Dismantle the conspiracy on Easy difficulty.
Dismantle the conspiracy on Normal difficulty.
Dismantle the conspiracy on Hard difficulty.
Kidnap the Triad boss without raising alarm.
Rescue the Opposition leader with the help of a disguised agent.
Extract security data from Chicago's tallest tower.
Recover the Marquis cargo from a different safehouse.
Kill the Beholder mastermind in Munich.
Tie up the very final loose end.
Successfully brainwash an agent.
Change an agent's identity.
Solve a secret file.
Unlock all facilities.
Purchase helicopter evac for a tactical mission.
Research all tech upgrades in a single playthrough.
Own at least one of each Support Power type in a single playthrough.
Craft 50 items.
Buy 50 items.
Find 50 secrets on tactical levels.
Loot 50 containers on tactical levels.
Have an agent reach maximum level.
Start a tactical mission with agents from CIA, KGB, Mossad, Stasi and SB in one team.
Survive an ambush.
Complete all secret files manually in a single playthrough.
Implant and successfully use a trigger phrase to your benefit.
Witness an agent betrayal during a tactical mission.
Kill 100 enemies.
Kill 250 enemies.
Kill 15 agents.
Destroy 5 enemy cells using sleeper agents.
Collect all loot and documents on a single tactical level.
Apply 50 chemical compounds.
Forge $500,000.
Breach a room using four or more agents.
Finish a level in infiltration without hurting anyone.
Kill six enemies in one turn.
Use four support powers in one turn.
Mod a shotgun with a silencer.
Engineer an agent with all stats at 140 or above.