Perils of Baking - Refrosted Trophy List

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Earn every other trophy
Then why would I wear this hat? Reach full health
Reach a checkpoint underwater
Unlock the first warp
Unlock the second warp
Unlock the third warp
Unlock the fourth warp
Win the first Boss Fight
Win the second Boss Fight
Win the third Boss Fight
Win the final Boss fight
Complete the 40 main levels
Finish all secret levels
Finish the first secret level
Finish the second secret level
Finish the third secret level
Finish the fourth secret level
Bounce on 5 enemies in a row without touching the ground.
Collect 500 points worth of food
Collect 1,000 points worth of food
Collect 5,000 points worth of food
Collect 10,000 points worth of food
Complete level 39 while in a minecart
Finish the first minecart level
Finish the first underwater level
Finish the first balloon level
A cupcake explodes killing another enemy
Use an oven
Have an oven send out flame enemies
Find all bonus rooms
Find 5 bonus rooms
Find your first bonus room
Throw a projectile into a bubble jet
The fish in the overworld got you
Grabbed a hat pickup after losing it
Lure a big cookie off an edge, to it's death
Leave a hat behind in a no hat zone
Collect the B-A-K-E cookies in one level
Shoot a spike as it is falling