Penny-Punching Princess Trophy List

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[Arrival] Acquired all trophies.
[Scenario] Defeated Hawkragon.
[Scenario] Defeated Naga King.
[Scenario] Defeated Ooze.
[Scenario] Defeated Ouroboros.
[Scenario] Defeated Dragon Bomber.
[Scenario] Defeated Dragoloan.
[Scenario] Defeated Zenigami.
[Scenario] Defeated Wifeykins.
[Scenario] Saw the ending.
[Scenario] Saw the ending with over 1,000 citizens.
[Scenario] Cleared the Golden Dungeon.
[Technical] Defeated first large monster.
[Technical] Bribed first large monster.
[Technical] Bribed first medium monster.
[Technical] Bribed first small monster.
[Technical] Activated first Coin Miracle.
[Technical] Activated all Coin Miracles.
[Technical] Achieved 30 Breaks with Princess.
[Technical] Achieved 30 Breaks with Isabella.
[Slay] Defeated 100 dragon-type monsters.
[Slay] Defeated 100 undead-type monsters.
[Slay] Defeated 100 human-type monsters.
[Slay] Defeated 100 plant-type monsters.
[Slay] Defeated 100 beast-type monsters.
[Slay] Defeated 100 insect-type monsters.
[Slay] Defeated 25 Fat Dragons.
[Slay] Defeated 25 Dragon Swordsmen.
[Slay] Defeated 25 Dragon Zombies.
[Collect] Accumulated 10,000,000 G.
[Collect] Bribed 50 dragon-type monsters.
[Collect] Bribed 50 undead-type monsters.
[Collect] Bribed 50 human-type monsters.
[Collect] Bribed 50 plant-type monsters.
[Collect] Bribed 50 beast-type monsters.
[Collect] Bribed 50 insect-type monsters.
[Collect] Acquired all equipment.
[Collect] Acquired all Zenigami statues from treasure chests.
[Collect] Bribed all types of monsters.
[Collect] Bribed all relics.
[Collect] Created all types of Zenigami statues in the Workshop.
[Strengthen] Acquired first skill.
[Strengthen] Fully strengthened Princess.
[Strengthen] Fully strengthened Isabella.