Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One Trophy List

Megamind Megamind
For completing the game on the Expert difficulty level.
Everything is possible Everything is possible
Completed the game without using a single hint
Completist Completist
Collected all five game collections
As easy as pie As easy as pie
Completed every mini-game without skipping any of them
Look, ma! No hints! Look, ma! No hints!
Found every item in every hidden object puzzle without using a hint
Rescuer Rescuer
Freed the boy from his stepfather
Almost a time machine Almost a time machine
Taught the boy to stop time
Less than a minute Less than a minute
Completed a mini-game in less than one minute
Elementary, dear Watson! Elementary, dear Watson!
Found every item in a hidden object puzzle without using a hint
Glued to my chair! Glued to my chair!
Played Paranormal Pursuit for more than two hours
Film critic Film critic
Watched every video
Data hunter Data hunter
Read every document and note in the game