PaperDolls Trophy List

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Everything is just beginning
Attacked by Nanny Chen
Attacked by Mr.Liu
Attacked by YinZhong and WangYong
Bandaged injured hand
Finding that DingXiang hanged
Seal Mr.Liu
Seal Nanny Chen
Solved Ming‘s distress
Escape the control of ghost in the wareroom
Seal Ming
Attacked by DingXiang
Seal WangYong
Seal DingXiang
Seal YinZhong
Climb the last stage stairs
Solve the first puzzle
Solve five puzzles
Solve all puzzles
Collect the first diary of Mr.Liu
Collect all Mr.Liu's diary
Complete staff illustrations
Open all doors
Hide in the closet
Not injured by vase of teahouse
Complete the game on Coward mode
Complete the game on Normal mode
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