Outrun Online Arcade Trophy List

Technologique Technologique
Reach any goal in automatic transmission.
Stick Shift Stick Shift
Reach any goal in manual transmission.
Grand Tour Grand Tour
Arrive at all Goals (A - E).
Frequent Flyer Frequent Flyer
Complete 50 Single Player games.
660 Horses 660 Horses
Drive above 300km/h (186.4mph) for 10 seconds.
Leader of the pack Leader of the pack
Be first at all junctions on a multiplayer match.
Legend Legend
Finish in first place in 5 multiplayer matches in a row.
Millionaires Club Millionaires Club
Score more than 1 Million on OutRun Mode.
Passing Breeze Passing Breeze
Complete Time Attack Mode in Under 4'30"00.
Risky Ride Risky Ride
Score more than 2.5 Million in 15 Course Continuous OutRun Mode.
Gumball King Gumball King
Complete 15 Course Continuous Time Attack Mode in Under 14'30"00.
Cardiogram Cardiogram
Score an overall AAA in Heart Attack Mode.