Out Of The Box Trophy List

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Beat the game.
Congrats. You beat the shit out of 20 people. How does that feel?
You let 20 drunk customers in. Do you really know what you're doing?
You've carded 100 customers. Maybe you belong in Arstotzka.
You tried to reason with 100 customers. Do you believe in flower power?
You've kicked out 100 assholes... And counting.
You've taken 20 bribes. Have you ever considered a career in politics?
You've made yourself several max capacity bonuses. Seems like the job suits you.
You've managed to let 500 people in the club. Keep up the good work!
You've let 100 potential customers leave the line... And this is your reward!
There have been 20 brawls in your line. You better start showing who's boss.
You've had to deal with 20 cocky customers. They just never learn...
I thought you were a tough guy... But you've gotten your ass kicked 10 times.
You managed to calm down 20 customers, but don't let that get to your head.
Negotiating is not your strong suit. People have told you to eat shit 20 times.
You took the "chat" a bit too far with the snitch.
You managed to make the snitch confess... But is that what you wanted?
Liz is still alive thanks to you. Now... Go and get her!
You accused an innocent man. I suppose you're proud...
Thanks for being honest. No one deserves to go to jail for something they didn't do.
Wait a minute... Did Vinnie tell you to give that letter to your parole officer?
Once every blue moon can't be that bad, but don't get used to letting minors in.
Did you really have to listen to that monster?
You helped Howard, for old time's sake. Don't get used to it.
I'm afraid you couldn't have done it any worse...
Well... At least you tried.
Is this what you really wanted? Keep trying.
Good work always pays off. Have fun!