Oure Trophy List

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Acquire every other trophy.
Reach out and calm the first Titan.
Overcome resistance to calm the second Titan.
Discover the hidden secret to calm the third Titan.
Study to find the route to calming the fourth Titan.
Plan your actions and calm the fifth Titan.
Deduce the solution to calm the sixth Titan.
Take action to affect change and calm the seventh Titan.
Learn to respond in the moment and reach out to calm the eighth Titan.
Work as a team to bring hope back to the world.
Finish the game as both children.
Increase stamina to maximum.
Acquire all reveal abilities.
Acquire all reveal abilities.
Complete the journey with hard challenges.
Collect half of the Orbs the world has to offer.
Find every Orb the world has to offer.
Find all the relics hidden in the clouds.
Talk to your parents one last time.
It’s just 10 minutes on reflection.
Do a roll for the first time.
Fly with the wildlife.
Complete the eighth Titan without being struck by its defences.
Touch the rings of the Tower whilst you are still alone.
Spend a moment with each Titan.
Completely submerge the dragon within a cloud bank.
Unlock and view your first entry in the Gallery.
Unlock and view all entries in the Gallery.