Orcs Must Die! Unchained Trophy List

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Earn every trophy to become the most elite war mage of all time.
Place 10,000 traps.
Collect 100 Unchained drops.
Win 5 games as a party leader.
Eat 500 Delicious Meals as Bloodspike.
Destroy or help to destroy 100 unstable rifts.
Win 1 match with all 3 free starter heroes.
Kill 100 enemies with chandeliers.
Pick up 250 mana orbs as Stinkeye.
Win 5 Sabotage matches.
Pick up 1,000 coin bags as Dobbin.
Stay in Prowl during battle for a total of 30min as Midnight.
Kill 30 enemies within 1s of using Gabriella's Kinetic Pulse.
Catch 75 minions on fire at the same time as Smolder.
Deal 2,000 damage to an enemy with a single CATCH! by Hogarth.
Kill 250 minions rooted by Reach of Roots as Ivy.
Deal 20,000 in damage to minions with Maximilian's Can't Touch This.
Complete the prologue.
Win a weekly challenge.
Unlock war mage battlegrounds.
Unlock master battlegrounds.
Place 100 guardians in their home locations.
Kill 50 minions while they are in the air.
Upgrade a trap to tier 2.
Earn 150,000 coin in 1 match.
Unlock rift lord battlegrounds.
Slot 1 part into 5 different traps.
Slot 3 trap parts into 1 trap.
Earn 3 or more stars on every rift lord battleground.
Deal 200,000 damage in a single match as Bionka.
Earn 3 or more stars on every war mage battleground.
Earn 3 or more stars on every master battleground.
Defeat 15 consecutive waves in Endless.
Kill 100,000 minions.
Five star a master or rift lord battleground without any players going Unchained.
Kill a minion in midair with Blackpaw's Pounce.
Kill 1,000 minions by knocking them into battleground hazards.
Be Unchained for a total of 1 hour.
Spend 200,000,000 coin.
Kill 5,000 minions with environmental traps.
Kill 500 boss minions.
Score a 15x or higher combo.
Upgrade 20 traps to tier 7.
Earn 5 stars on every map.